Monday, 19 March 2012

St Particks Day Treats!!

My first St Patricks day treat is Lucky Charms krispy cake. For this you will need Lucky Charms, butter, oil and marshmallows
Step 1. Drizzel oil into a pot on medium heat
Step 2. Melt 2 table spoons of butter in the pot
Step 3. Add marshmallows and stir until they are all melted and remove from the heat
Warning!! It will look gross
Step 4. Add in the cereal and stir into the mixture
Step 5. Place the mixture into a cake tin and pop in the fridge
This cake was real tasty but so so sugary, after one slice you feel like vomiting and go on a serious sugar rush, do not make these for kids, I can only imagine how insane they will go on this amount of sugar!

Next I made green and orange cupcakes for this you will need
350g Self Raising Flour
275g Caster Sugar
275g Soft Margarine
5 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Milk 
Icing Sugar
Green and orange food dye

Step 1. Pre-heat oven to 150°C 300°C Gas 2. 
Step 2. Sieve the flour into a bowl and add all the other ingredients.
Step 3. Beat all the ingredients together, gently, using a low setting on the mixer.
Step 4. When ingredients are combined increase speed and beat for one minute. 
Step 5. Separate the mixture into two bowls
Step 6. Add orange dye to one, and green to the other
Step 7. Spoon mixture into cake tin
Step 8. Cook for 15 mins

 Step 9. Go crazy with icing

So very very orange   
Then I made a green milkshake, for this one you will need, I mint Aero bar, green food dye, milk, icecream and ice
Basically throw it all into the blender and tada you got yourself a whopper green milkshake, suck it MacDoanlds!
Here's Maria enjoying hers before Tallafornia
Marty and Collie also got in on the festive themed foo, here are their masterpieces
Marty's jelly and ice cream
Collie's dinner

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