Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lady Boulevard

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Miss Lady Boulevard, my new baby!! Me and Collie went bike shopping yesterday in Swords retail park.They have two really good bike shops out there, Halfords and Eurocycles. Halfords is good has some sweet bikes, but they weren't for me! Collie got his bike there, obvo not as sweet as my one. After Halfords we went to Eurocycles where I fell in love with this bad boy, I got to test ride some bikes but this one was the best, eurocycles were real good and really helpful, they even talked Collie out of getting one of their bikes, because they didn't think it was what he was looking for sound blokes altogether! Also when I was out testing this bike I checked myself out in the reflection of one of the windows (as you do, like ya need to see how ya look on the bike) on my way cycling back I spot Collie breaking his heart laughing at me, caught rapid checking myself out scarlet!
I'm in love!!! Thank you Eurocycles!! 

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