Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Years Resolutions, the good, the bad, and the ugly (Pt1)

Right I know I'm a tad late with putting up my resolutions, but here goes....
number one, the one that everyone is currently doing including myself 
Getting in shape
Well I obvo don't wanna get this buff! As of last week I've started my health kick which includes pilates of a Wednesday(second beginners class is tonight), cycling, rollerblading and hopefully I'll satrt running soon, but so far I've been too lazy in the mornings!
I've also been eating a bit healthier, making healthier dinners, trying not to get takeaways and staying away from chocolate!
Hopefully this will be me soon, having a good laugh with a bitta salad, loving life and being healthy

Thats enough of the health kick, second resolution is this blog, get a bit more creative you know(I mean there is a credit crunch on!) I wanna start being more creative, start knitting, making things, I may even have a crafts day with my mates who knows! I'm always reading blogs and saving pictures saying to myself I must make these sweet things, but I never do so this blog is my kick up the arse to start getting creative!
This guy knows!

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  1. this is gonna be you!
    btw how was your dominoes yesterday?