Thursday, 19 January 2012

River Island, not just for kids with mullets

Whenever I'm in River Island I'm always drawn to the mens section more so than the womens, because its way better especially the bag section, so here's a few of my favourite mens gear.
I'll take some of these thank you very much
I mean just in case summer comes this year

Hopefully Marty won't ruin this one with the iron, just like she did to my last Sid and Nancy tee
If River Island wants it well so do I! Something to keep ya toastie in the spring.....maybe summer too

To hold your sunglasses when its raining, obvo

And just in case there is any kids with mullets reading this blog here's something for you guys

 Nice little Kylie tshirt for ya

Birra RiRi there

And boom some nice coral plimsolls

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