Saturday, 11 February 2012

The best Valentines gifts ever!!! NATTTTT!

Ok so I acme across a few gas Valentines gifts that I had to share with the romantics out there, these gifts were found on the same website as the winerack sports bra (,, where you can really find ANY gift sweird, anyway here goes
Personalised kacks, because your man really doesn't love you until his boxers declare it!
Just to make sure everyone knows who your currently wild about
A sweet jigsaw of the two of you, how romantic
Forget flowers and chocolate, nothing says I love you more than bog roll
Your very own imaginary love magazine
Personalised 'property of' sxc thong, just incase you forget that Roger owns ya like
Just when you thought Monoply couldn't be romantic along comes Lovopoly!
Heart photo cookie pop, so you can eat your loved one

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