Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We conquered the Sugarloaf!!

Setting off on our journey into the mist/Sugarloaf
Trying to avoid the mud........as we did not have the proper footwear on, HUGE MISTAKE! We looked well but
Havin a little break, and trying to suss out what path to take next, because of the mist and mud we kept switching pathways and getting confused
Tuck and Louise climbing ahead into the mist
Finally at the top, where we could barely see anything
Flask of tea and sandwiches to celebrate our victory. After the Sugarloaf we headed to the lakes and had a wander, when we came across this tree, which looks really easy to climb but as we found out it wasn't quite as easy.....
Take 1
Take 2
Damn you Tuck
Take 3
After our exploring we went to Avoca for a celebratory bowl of soup!

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