Friday, 3 February 2012

Finally a post not about food!!!

So Seamus has given out to me for putting up too many food posts, says I'm coming across as a pig, so here we go a food free post! Right so I haven't blogged all week because I have been sorting out my attic its quite a mess we went through all the old baby things and all and I even got rid of my barbies :(, well except for the fancy ones, Naomi Campbell, Anastasia, Claudia Schiffer and Esmerelda!! Here's a few pictures of what I found
My first computer, I'm going to start using it again cause I'm real hipster like that!!
My Italia 90 jersey that I wore in the Comet!!
My first mobile phone, who also had a cameo in Toy Story 3
Look at him there with Woody!
This my friends is Tiny Tears, minest first doll cause I'm real girly!
And of course my beloved Beanie Baby collection!

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