Sunday, 12 February 2012

A weekend of eating and shopping

Baked Eggs and Sun dried Tomatoes
For Saturday morning brunch, yes that's right I said brunch (only because I woke up a tad late and decided to be real posh) I cooked these bad boys! They were real quick and easy to make, chop up a few sun dried tomatoes and place them in the bottom of the ramekin, break an egg on top, add a few herbs then pop them into the over for 20mins or so and voilla! Next time I'm going to cook them in a giant mushroom cause I'm a mushroom fiend!

Few treats for the poorly Maria!
Went to visit Maria on Saturday night with Susan and Katie, baked her a few treats some cookies, which I cannot take credit for got a cheeky Betty Crocker mix which was real nice! Then I got some Oreos and dipped them in white chocolate with some red food dye so they were lovely and pink and added in a few Hundreds and Thousands!

Euro Shops are GREAT!!
 Headed into town today for a bit of window shopping that quickly turned into actual shopping when I found a new one fiddy or less  shop in the Ilac centre where I got 90 cake cups, a pie tin, 3 cake stands two sweet cardboard ones and one metal one, old school kids cup cake baking set and yes it is Toy Story and a sweet glass jug all for ten fiddy!

And this satchel wasn't found in the one fiddy or less shop, got this out in Dundrum in Urban Outfitters it was 63euro and I picked it up for 12 blips!!!!

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