Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Return of (1) and Duffy!!

Monday marked the return of the glorious babe Clare Duffy to Dublin, for the first time since Christmas! Girly times went into over drive this week, starting with a day of Tallaghfornia on Monday followed by some cocktails made by the cripple Rfp! Tuesday night was spent stuffing our faces with 4 in 1's from San San's a salad finger delacacy at this stage!
Nam Nam
 On Saturday me and the girls went back in time to Whealans to try relive our youth, it was so good went out at ten, got our stamps and down the lane we went which was actually the best part of the night, can't beat a few tinnies down a lane like! Then we went in for the rest of the night and it was just as good as it always has been! Only sad part was Hyland not being able to walk out on the ledge she always used to be able to do, poor form!

Old grafitti is still there
Sweet lane times
Duffy loving being home

Come back Duffy xoxo

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