Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekend Bant

OK so weekend bant started on Friday night after my last day working out in Dundrum, got told on Friday that I got the deputy manager position in Korkys on Henry street so I am quite chuffed!! Really becoming Al Bundy at this stage!! So I celebrated with these lovely ladies on Friday night we went to Pyg and The Globe and we all got lost! Look at us all there in our leathers, like some sorta bike gang

Then woke up early on Saturday morning and remembered Eimear had told me about Ritzy Rags one fiddy sale, so I gave her a text and was on the bus within a half hour, stayed out on Friday night so Eimear kindly brought a hangover kit on the bus with her, which included dry shampoo, hairbrush, make up and ice cold water! What a woman! 
The one fiddy sale was amazing and I got these gems
Got this mans blazer thank god cause I was freezing in the clothes from the night before
I went a bit scarf crazy
Got this shirt and two other scarves for my nanny and ties for Seamus for his new bank job. Eimear went tartan crazy!!
Me and Eimear then went to see a movie at the Jameson Film festival, can't remember the name twas good though, Eimear fell asleep! The rest of Saturday was spent being lazy, Maria came over and we watched Tallaghfornia SO SO upsetting!!
On Sunday I spend the day sleeping and making a good luck card for Seamus

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