Friday, 3 February 2012

A trip to the Lighthouse Cinema

I went on a trip last week with the girlozz to check out this newly re-opened Lighthouse cinema that everyone is talking about out in Smithfield! Me and Tuck got there first and sussed out the place, its a bit weird, not your typical cinema, its more like a gallery! Its very modern looking, and you purchase your popcorn in the cafe which also sells wine, coffee, soup and sandwiches! Its very posh altogether! The girls finally arrived and we went into the screen, this for me was the best part of the whole experience the seats were all different colours and the most comfy seats I have ever sat on in a cinema! But in general, Smithfield is a trek, I like to smell the popcorn a mile away from the cinema(not the coffee) and it just looked too much like a gallery! On the plus side though the prices were very good both for the seats and the food, oh and the movie The Descendants is well worth a watch, real sad Roisin and Jennifer were in bits! 
Tuck sussing out the place
Eagerly waiting for the movie to start and the cripple to arrive
After the tears stopped

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